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           >> Wind Turbine Generator Wind Turbine Generator..More

          Wind Turbine Generator
          » Wind Turbine Generator

          Introduction of Wind Turbine Generator CLIMA is a wind turbine generator exporter we've been providing wind turbine generator to oversea customers for many years. (1)Wind-force generating set 100W , 200W , 300W , 500W...Click for details

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           >> Hydraulic Shearing Machine Hydraulic Shearing Machine..More

          Hydraulic baling press
          » Hydraulic baling press

          Hydraulic baling press has wide applications.This Hydraulic baling press inherits all the merits of Hydraulic baling press, enhanced by new technology. Compared with other Hydraulic baling press, our Hydraulic baling press enjoys many advantages incl...Click for details

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           >> Shredding Machine Shredding Machine..More

          Metal printing machine
          » Metal printing machine

          METAL PRINTING MACHINEMetal printing machine has wide applications. This type of Metal printing machine inherits all the merits of the original model of Metal printing machine, enhanced by new technology. Compared with other Metal print...Click for details

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          [2005-12-29 ]
           >> Plastic Recycling Machine Plastic Recycling Machine..More

          Plastic Recycling Machine
          » Plastic Recycling Machine

          Plastic recycling machine has been widely used in plastic recycling industry. Plastic recycling machine can be used in granulation of discarded thermoplastic, plastic film, polyvinyl chloride, waste chemical fibers, waste polypropylene and ot...Click for details

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          Waste Incinerator
          » Waste Incinerator


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