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           >> Potato minituber Potato minituber..More

          Potato Minituber Supply
          » Potato Minituber Supply

          We are a professional potato minituber supplier in China, our products include potato minitubers for Atlantic, Shepody, Russet Burbank, Lady Rosetta, Hermez, Lady Olympia, etc, which can be applied in many fields including french fries, fried ...Click for details

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           >> Irrigation System Irrigation System..More

          Center Pivot Irrigation System
          » Center Pivot Irrigation System

          We are specialized in the production of sprinkler system for agricultural use. This automatic irrigation system is able to change deserts into oasis, and improve grassland. It is featured by good irrigation effect, energy and wate...Click for details

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          [2010-07-09 ]
           >> Bee Equipment Bee Equipment..More

          Beekeeping Supplies
          » Beekeeping Supplies

          Introduction of Beekeeping Equipments Our Beekeeping Equipments is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Beekeeping Equipments has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during ...Click for details

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          [2009-11-13 ]
           >> Seeds Hulling Machine Seeds Hulling Machine..More

          Sesame Dehulling Machine
          » Sesame Dehulling Machine

          Introduction of Sesame Dehulling Machine Our Sesame Dehulling Machine is designed by computer-assistant engineering and high technology. The Sesame Dehulling Machine has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-savin...Click for details

          Search keyword: Sesame Dehulling Machine

          [2009-09-22 ]
           >> Chincken Manure Equipment Chincken Manure Equipment..More

          Chicken Manure Equipment
          » Chicken Manure Equipment

          Introduction of Chicken Manure Equipment With the development of aquaculture, the pollution of livestock’s dejecta is becoming more serious. The best solution to that problem is to make the waste into useful thing by reclamation treatme...Click for details

          Search keyword: Chicken manure equipment

          [2009-07-31 ]
           >> Gum Rosin Processing Machine Gum Rosin Processing Machine..More

          Gum Rosin Processing Machine
          » Gum Rosin Processing Machine

          Gathering the oleo pine resin from pine trees and distilling into gum rosin, which has high value and wide usage, is an effective way to develop the economy of mountain regions. The gum rosin produced by our distiller more than 95% reach X grade ...Click for details

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          [2009-07-16 ]
           >> Harvest Combine Harvest Combine..More

          Corn combine
          » Corn combine

          Our harvesting machinery include: corn combine, wheat combine, rice combine and more. Our wheat combine, rice combine are made from high quality material and first-level manufacturing technique. Their feat...Click for details

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          [2008-12-18 ]
           >> Chicken Cage Chicken Cage..More

          Chicken Incubator
          » Chicken Incubator

          We carry a wide selection of chicken incubators for our customers, ranging from box style incubator to tunnel style incubator. We also offer a grea...Click for details

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          [2008-12-01 ]

          Shrimp Farming
          » Shrimp Farming


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          Poultry Cage
          » Poultry Cage


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          [2009-04-09 ]

          » Combine

          Proposal for Combine Combine has wide applications in various field.This type of Combine inherits all the merits of the original model, enhanced by new technology. Compared with other Combine, our Combine enjoys many advantages including: more reasonable structure, more compact appeara...Click for details

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